Sustainability Advisory Group & terravertis Announce a Strategic Partnership 14/January/2010

Sustainability Advisory Group and terravertis are delighted to announce their strategic partnership to further the cause of corporate responsibility and sustainability in the Middle East. The partnership brings together an international network of highly skilled sustainability professionals and regionally based experts with thorough understanding of regional realities in the Middle East.

The partnership will promote the business case for sustainability calling for immediate action on issues such as climate change, supply chain management, human capital, green development, energy efficiency and community involvement. By pooling our proven international and regional expertise the new partnership will be uniquely positioned to highlight the significant value this agenda can provide to all types of organisations in the region.

The extensive regional and international networks already established by terravertis and Sustainability Advisory Group mean that together we can reach a wide audience of businesses, governmental players as well as other key stakeholders across the MENA region. We will continue our work with businesses and governments to enable them to build effective and value adding strategies and practical implementation programmes. Our aspiration is to translate the complexity often surrounding corporate responsibility into practical actions that improve organisational efficiency, enable market differentiation and ultimately enhance organisational excellence.

CEO Salah Al-Tayeh terravertis comments on the partnership: “The time of corporate responsibility and sustainability has arrived in the Middle East. One thing is very clear – increasingly companies see this agenda as a tool to mitigate new types of risk exposures as well as a pathway for ensuring future growth. During these tough times, I’m convinced that our new partnership will offer an unbeatable team that can help companies to move forward in a positive way.”

Founding Director Maria Sillanpaa Sustainability Advisory Group says:”Sustainability Advisory Group is an international network of sustainability specialists. We believe in the power of combining local expertise with international perspectives. I’m really excited about our partnership with terravertis and believe that by working together we can bring a unique combination of skills and expertise to our clients throughout the Middle East.”

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